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More stills from the road trip video.

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"I walk the line"…


Blank canvas.


Late last year bags were packed and roads were hit in search of steel.

Watch the result as the bad food, beer and good times flow.

Cut: Selina Miles.
Roleo: The Dentist
Millions Like Us: Flip
Dax Perrier: Come and Git Em
Ginger & The Ghost: One Type of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)

#TAGS: yard master

Here are the first set of still shots from the new USA Road Trip video.

Check out the video in full at: youtube.com/watch?v=st9QT_oFlZc


Why cant they make more of these !


Does what it says on the tin…

Photos from here.

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Just around the bend.

#TAGS: yard master
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